Board Technology


Our surfboards are curated using PU construction. Your board is shaped from a Polyurethane foam blank and then hand glassed with a fiberglass and polyester resin. In comparison to EPS core boards, PU boards are denser and heavier. This has its advantages. Your surfboard will sit a little lower in the water, rather than on top of it, which means less bouncing around; ideal for choppy conditions. We have constructed our boards to slice through the wave faces, making them perfect for barrels.




We go through various phases of testing with materials and adhesives to create innovative designs. Continuously refining our technology, we now produce inflatables using fusion technology.

This industry-leading technology uses only one base cloth layer. It is fused to the drop stitch using liquid PVC creating a reinforced material that is water and airtight. This makes for a stronger bond, therefore a need for fewer layers, minimising the weight of the board. This development means the boards are stiffer at lower pressure, meaning you can get on the water quicker.

We only use the best high-density thread to minimise the thread fail rates. This means that your inflatable will stand the test of time, keeping its shape, withstanding plenty of inflating and deflating.

This new technique can be manufactured mostly by machine, the need for hand laid PVC is removed, making these boards more consistent. This advancement allows for a noticeably smoother finish.

The end of the production phase is an intensive analysis. The boards are thoroughly checked for any lamination flaws such as wrinkles or bubbles as well as a high-pressure test on the seams to check shape maintenance.